Office of the Vice President for Research Awards

The purpose of this award is to recognize research, scholarship, or creative expression conducted within the past three-year period that advances our understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Most recent CLAS recipient: Lori Adams, Department of Biology

The Distinguished Achievement in Arts and Humanities Research Award recognizes distinguished achievement in humanities scholarship and work in the creative, visual, and performing arts.


  • Most recent CLAS recipient: Melissa Febos, Department of English

The Distinguished Achievement in Publicly Engaged Research award recognizes an individual faculty member who has put addressing public needs and direct engagement with the public, in the service of improving quality of life through research, at the forefront of his or her academic activities.


  • Most recent CLAS recipient: Kate Magsamen-Conrad, Department of Communication Studies

The Early Career Scholar of the Year award honors assistant professors in tenure-track, research-track or clinical-track positions at the University of Iowa who are currently involved in research, scholarship and/or creative activity and show promise of making a significant contribution to their field.


  • Lina-Maria Murillo, Department of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies and History

The Faculty Communicating Ideas Award recognizes excellence in communication about research and scholarship in the sciences and humanities and the study of creative, visual and performing arts to a general audience directly or via print and electronic media. Nominees must be the subjects or creators of original works that address their area of expertise for non-peer audiences in at least one of the following areas: Book; Film/Radio/TV; Magazine/Newspaper; Online; and Public Engagement.


  • Most recent CLAS recipient: Kristy Nabhan-Warren, Department of Religious Studies and Department of Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies 

To recognize the work that mentors put in to make their student's experiences successful, ICRU created the Distinguished Mentor Award (DMA).  Students are invited to nominate their faculty research mentor as a huge "Thank you!" for the time and talent their mentors have given.


  • Susan MeerdinkDepartment of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

The purpose of the faculty Scholar of the Year Award is to celebrate nationally recognized recent achievement in outstanding research, scholarly and/or creative activities by tenure- and/or research-clinical-track faculty members within the previous 24 month period.


  • Gregory Howes, Department of Physics and Astronomy