The Collegiate Scholar award was inaugurated in 2008 to recognize mid-career faculty for exceptional achievement. The award carries discretionary funds to support the recipient's teaching and research initiatives. Collegiate Scholar awards are funded by a generous unrestricted gift to the College.

The CLAS Committee on Faculty Promotion and Tenure selects each year's class of Collegiate Scholars from among those faculty recommended for promotion and/or tenure.


Melissa Febos Portrait

Melissa Febos

Department of English

Melissa Febos is a best-selling author and has written four books, including the essay collection GIRLHOOD. Febos is a 2022 Guggenheim Fellow, a 2022 National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellow, and the winner of the Jeanne Córdova Nonfiction Award from LAMBDA Literary, along with other awards and honors. Her essays have appeared in The New York Review of Books, Tin House, Granta, The Paris Review, The Yale Review, The Sun, The Believer, The Sewanee Review, and The New York Times Magazine

Ryan LaLumiere Portrait

Ryan LaLumiere

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Ryan LaLumiere and his laboratory concentrate on two lines of research: the neural circuitry underlying memory consolidation and the neurobiology underlying cocaine-seeking behavior in rats. In the memory consolidation work, he uses optogenetics in combination with different learning tasks in rats to elucidate the neural pathways that underlie the consolidation of different types of memories. In the addiction work, he uses a drug self-administration model to understand the relapse to drug-seeking behavior. LaLumiere has published several articles relevant to his research.

Melissa Tully Portrait

Melissa Tully

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Melissa Tully studies news literacy, misinformation, and global media with a particular focus on African media studies, and engagement. She is currently researching misinformation and news literacy in Kenya and Senegal. She is also the Director of the Global Media Studies Working Group at the Obermann Center and a Senior Research Fellow in the Public Policy Center. Tully has published several articles relevant to her research.


Tori Forbes

Tori Forbes

Department of Chemistry

Tori Forbes’s research focuses on environmental and atmospheric chemistry, with interests in fundamental actinide chemistry, the development of metal organic nanotubes, and the transport of nuclear waste and heavy materials in environmental systems. She is the founder of the Forbes Research Group at Iowa, a group working towards the development of novel nanomaterials that provide an enhanced understanding of basic actinide chemistry and the mobility of nuclear materials in environmental systems. She is also the recipient of the UI Honors Lane Davis Team Teaching Award.

Jasper Halekas – Collegiate Teaching Award – University of Iowa

Jasper Halekas

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Jasper Halekas’s research interests are in experimental space physics and space plasma physics, with his areas of expertise including topics such as Mars, the moon, and the NASA MAVEN mission. Halekas seeks to broaden our understanding of the impact of the sun and the solar wind on our solar system and its evolution through his research. He is also the recipient of a NASA Silver Achievement Medal for his involvement with the NASA Parker Solar Probe mission, which is studying the sun’s atmosphere.