The International Engagement Teaching Award, jointly awarded by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and University of Iowa International Programs, is given annually to a CLAS faculty member in recognition of excellence in any of the following areas:

  • Creating learning environments that encourage interactions between international and domestic students and supporting international students’ integration into the University community, inside and outside the classroom.
  • Using disciplinary or interdisciplinary pedagogical approaches in the curriculum that add and/or enhance international perspective.
  • Encouraging students to actively integrate international internships and/or study-abroad programs into their education.
  • Service work supporting and/or developing programs that offer internationally-focused learning experiences.
  • Fostering other international experiences for undergraduate or graduate students.


Armando Duarte Portrait

Armando Duarte

Department of Dance

Armando Duarte is a professor and director of dance production in the Department of Dance. His research focuses on Brazilian culture, and he regularly exposes his students to it in the classroom, studio, on stage, and beyond. His Samba course focuses on Brazilian dance and music in addition to the economy, politics, and social issues. Duarte has also taught in the honors program and study abroad curriculum. He has also worked with several students in the Iowa Center for Undergraduate Research to assist him with his research on Brazilian culture. Three of his students have been awarded a Fulbright to study and work in Brazil.  

Deb Trusty Headshot

Debra Trusty

Department of Classics

Debra Trusty is a lecturer in the Department of Classics. Trusty developed the first-ever honors study abroad course at Iowa in 2019, which included a one-credit hour course that prepared students to study abroad in Greece. This became a model that Trusty continued to develop and offer. She requires her study abroad students to first take a class that immerses them in the setting they will be visiting. In this course, she familiarizes them with the art and archeology they will visit while abroad. Additionally, through her courses, students also have an opportunity to team-build and get to know each other before traveling together. The extra courses enrich their international experience. She encourages students to integrate study abroad or international internships into their education and has completed substantial service in supporting and developing internationally focused learning experiences.  


Nicole Esposito – Collegiate Teaching Award – University of Iowa

Nicole Esposito

School of Music

Nicole Esposito has worked extensively to welcome international students and provide international experiences for her students. Her interest and knowledge in cultures and languages build a welcoming and inclusive environment in her seminar classes. Her students boast not only about what she has taught but also about the humanity that she has shown them.

William Reisinger

William Reisinger

Department of Political Science

William Reisinger displays excellence in teaching with his ability to teach through experience. He utilizes mock scenarios to give students enriched perspectives and shares his real-life experiences. His commitment to helping students with Fulbright opportunities and study abroad experiences demonstrates his dedication to international relations and student success.